Written By: Jessica Moazami

November 2014 – Cosmopolitan UK

“But in the interest of research, I had to go as it was time to get off the beaten track. Departing the main tourist area and beach, I headed north to discover award-winning B&B, Shangri-La, named after the mystical utopia created in James Hilton’s novel, Lost Horizon (a copy can be found in your room) the Shangri-La felt like a quaint English country B&B – the only difference being this B&B is set in paradise! What it lacked in high-end luxury t at the Caribbean Club, it made up for with loads of charm.

Located on Sticky Toffee Lane, it’s a pretty secluded spot (rental car is highly recommended), but incredibly serene allowing you to achieve total island bliss. Set on a quiet lake as appose to a touristy beach it felt like I’d discovered a little hidden gem not yet spoilt by tourists.

However, for those of you who love the beach the nearest stretch of sand is a short drive away (but with a pool and jacuzzi surrounded by gorgeous orchids at the B&B, you might prefer to stay put).

Just like a hotel, you have the option of twin, queen or king size beds. You also have the option of renting a room, a 2-bedroom apartment or the whole house. In every room, you’ll find en-suite, cable TV, DVD player, and refrigerator all the important comforts. With larger rooms having private balconies, entrances or walk-in closets.”

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Written By: Vicky Wheaton

November 2005 – What’s Hot magazine

“Once upon a time, on an island paradise in the middle of the deep blue sea, there lived a prince and princess in an enchanted castle called Shangri La at the bottom of Sticky Toffee Lane. Many throughout the land had heard of this mystical place, which was said to have its own waterfall and magical pools that could heal weary bones. There were even dragons swimming in the lake nearby who sometimes ventured on land to bask in the warmth of a magical sun – magical because it shone almost every day. Ahhh yes – if only such a wonderful dream were true…

It is.

Here on Grand Cayman there is indeed a Sticky Toffee Lane in our district of West Bay, and at the end of that lane you’ll find Shangri La – a gorgeous Bed-and-Breakfast sanctuary owned by George and Eileen Davidson. Some of you may be familiar with George Davidson’s masterful strokes on the piano, heard live in the Westin lobby or on one of his many popular CDs. He and his wife Eileen built their home and the B & B on a piece of land they purchased years ago, and as such, both residences are unique and stunning. I visited Shangri La last month, and instantly fell in love. The surroundings are quiet and soothing, and the interior has been decorated with taste and comfort in mind. There are five different bedrooms available, each with their own characteristics that make them special, so Eileen took me on a tour to discover each one.

The Royal Palm Room, the largest of the five, was where we began. An enormous king-size four poster bed dominates the room, clad in layers of sumptuous linens and festooned with pillows. If we were still discussing fairy stories, I’d put the Princess and the Pea in the Royal Palm room. Once in this bed, you’d never want to leave! High ceilings are a great feature of this and many other areas in the house. The en suite bathroom has a Jacuzzi bathtub and separate shower as well as his & hers closets – a master stroke. When you feel like going outside for a spell, merely open the French doors leading from the bedroom onto the patio where chairs and tables are shaded from the sun by a large trellis canopy. Here you can sit and read a book, relax and listen to your iPod or watch the dragons swimming up to the shore to sunbathe. That’s right – the dragons, or iguanas as they are better known here in the islands, grow to quite a size around here, and love spending their day enjoying Mother Nature’s warmth. (For those unfamiliar with Iguanas, they are not harmful and do not breathe fire).

We next entered the Oleander Room, decorated predominantly in white. The queen four poster bed was yet again not shunned by bedclothes. The en suite bathroom is large with a bath/shower and lots of space for your lotions, brushes and anything else you might need on your trip. The high ceilings allow for windows that really let in the light.

The Poinciana Room has a queen bed (yup, sheets and duvet aplenty), a walk-in closet with a mini-fridge inside, a large bathroom with a bath/shower and an oversized vanity that is sure to appeal to any lady who likes her space so she can spread out her things. This room is so-called because of the Poinciana Trees that reside just outside the windows.

The Travellers Palm Room, although one of the smaller rooms, has an appeal all its own. First of all, it has sloping ceilings thanks to the wonderful design of the house. It also has a private balcony that can be reached through French doors so that residents can go outside whenever they wish without having to take the stairs. The quaint bathroom has a bath/shower, not to mention a special shower curtain rod to accommodate the slant, but anyone who’s tall need not worry – there’s plenty of space for all.

Finally, The Hibiscus Room, also featuring slanted ceilings, has a lovely queen bed and matching furniture, along with a separate bathroom just outside. A curtained entrance to both rooms allows privacy and gives the impression of having your very own suite!

Of course, the bedrooms are just the start at Shangri La. There is an inviting common room downstairs and upstairs where residents can relax and watch TV on cozy couches. The dining room features a dark wood table with surrounding chairs, and the kitchen has every amenity for those who enjoy self-catering. Naturally breakfast is included (hence Bed and Breakfast), but pack lunches can be supplied for an extra charge – just inquire when you arrive. Bicycles will also be available – how’s that for convenient?

Me personally, I think I’d like to lounge by the swimming pool, or sit in the Jacuzzi pool every day. This is the perfect, relaxing setting for anyone who wants a break from the madness of the everyday grind.

The real enchantment of Shangri La is the obvious amount of time and love that has gone into this house and business. All the little touches that are so important are found throughout the property, and then you have George and Eileen, a lovely young couple who bring a personal style to all that they do.

Shangri La is now taking reservations for the winter season starting December 15th, and if you have guests visiting you in Cayman or you’re a tourist considering coming down to stay, I urge you to reserve a room at Shangri La. You can’t beat the price – the most expensive room – The Royal Palm Room – is only US$139.00 + tax per night! That’s an amazing deal for winter rates here.

Do you want to feel like a prince or princess? Have you dreamed of staying in a castle watching the dragons roaming free and soaking yourself in the clear waters of a soothing pool? Then Shangri La is your destination. Book today and see that fairytales really do come true.”