Pool overlooking lake with corner hot tub



We are pleased to be able to offer our adult Huffy ‘Cruiser’ bicycles, for the use of our staying guests. These are single speed, backpedal brake models probably [as our guests are reminded] like the ones they used in their ‘younger years’. The rideable area being mainly flat, there is no real use for 18-speed ‘clangers’.


The bicycles cannot be pre-booked or be regarded as being exclusively for any guest(s). The availability is shared between all wishing to enjoy the facility, on a day-by-day basis. 


Whilst there is no charge for use, a ‘Waiver’ is to be completed before doing so. This ensures that the bicycles will be used responsibly and within the machine’s capabilities. We provide locks but not helmets. If you feel concerned about helmets you are welcome to bring one of your own.



Grilling and outdoor dining area



We became conscious that provision for rinsing and drying gear for the increasing number of dive guests, needed to be addressed.

The opportunity to use an area beneath our exterior stairway seemed ideal. Two of our guests offered to replicate their own home facilities, and Nick used his draughting skills to produce the plan of action.  


Now we have a lockable enclosure with hanging space for suits, flippers, regulators and masks. Alongside is a plunge bin and a camera rinse sink. Being constructed with perforated panels the area benefits from the natural airflow of the Caribbean breezes through an archway to our swim pool deck.